Ride California

A Cycling Experience

When riding becomes boring its time to look for something else. That's where we come in. Ride California isn't just about a ride, it's about the full experience. We don't just create rides, we create rides AROUND the experience.

Featured Adventures

We offer a variety of trips, distances, genres and locations.


Want to ride down the beautiful and scenic California coastline? Across the Sierra Nevada Mountains? The Mojave Desert? We offer these trips and many more ranging from 3-6 nights.

When the pavement ends and the dirt begins that's when the fun really starts! We offer gravel rides on some of the most beautiful back country dirt roads in California.


Bike Packing Experiences

Love to backpack AND ride? We put the two together and now offer bike packing trips! We offer a variety of styles of bike packing trips to and from campsites as well as hotels.

Mountain Biking Experiences

Coming Soon


Custom Experiences

We want each event to be a special time for you which is why we offer event customization. Whether you are a returning rider who wants some variation to your favorite event or you'd like a personalized custom event, we can provide an event specifically to your wants and needs.


Custom Adventures

Why settle for the norm? 
We love to cater to the adventurous soul and we can build an event just for you!


Private Events

Want an event for just you and your friends? 
You can reserve an exclusive event for just your own crew.

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